Happy RedyMonday!!!

After a mixed weekend, we are now solidly and securely in the third month of the year; the closing of the first quarter. Time is certainly going fast. Have you achieved any of your goals for the first quarter? Done anything on your wish list?

For inspiration to get you through this week, we look at the type of motivation that makes you feel re-energized to sticking to your personal, professional and financial goals: “a small start is still a start.”

It is simple, you have written down your goals for 2017 and why you want them. But what action have you done, directly or indirectly to bring you closer to the goals you have set down? If your goal is saving $10,000; do you consider putting away $20 per week a step towards that goal? And, did you give yourself reasonable time to save this money? If not; chances are you should. 

Taking into consideration borrowing/ honoring your debt: have your goals been so aligned to allow for you to repay this debt with ease? More importantly, do you really need to borrow? Borrowing is to ease the burden or emergencies that we are unprepared for, with that in mind, a goal can be to save, even the smallest amount you can, so if you need to borrow, you borrow less!!! 

Just in case the news did not reach you, the IRS may owe you.

Remember we are in Red Cross month. As we go through this month, RedyMoney hopes you can find motivation through the acts of kindness that Alabama is known for. Just think: you are passing someone on the street who may have donated blood that in turned saved someone’s life. Even if it had nothing to do with you, that’s comforting to know!!!

Have a blessed, focused and inspired week Redy family!!!


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