Welcome to Wednesday!!!

The flu persists!!! Even here in Alabama.Thanks to our friends over at American Red Cross for keeping us in the know!!! Take every necessary precaution to protect yourselves before it escalates to a life threat.

You got that right!!1 Friday should see the iconic Shaquille O’Neal grace the city of Birmingham!!!

And a big thank you to Coca-Cola for this generous donation. No town is fully functional without well-equipped centers to deal with emergencies. Its ventures and acts such as these, that make RedyMoney a proud business operating in Alabama. We are among great people and fellow business operators.

Life in alabama!!!
In today’s #LifeInAlabama feature (where we highlight what makes Alabama unique and a memorable visiting state), we will look at some of the tiniest towns in our state. Yes!!! There are states whose population was in the double digits at some point). Can you imagine that???

Our featured tiny town for this week is Haleburg (Henry County) with a population of 101 (2015), a fall from 103 (2010), further fall from 108 (2000) and a rise from 97 (1990)!!! In the nineties, this town was below zero!!! Believe it or not, since 1930, the highest population was 274 – in that same decade.

It is a sunny day and RedyMoney encourages you all to keep a sunny outlook on life as you go through the rest of your week!!! To all beautiful women of Alabama, RedyMoney encourages you to be bold today, tomorrow and everyday!!! RedyMoney salutes all of you, and we thank you for being powerful, graceful and strong. #InternationalWomen’sDay


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