Friday has never looked better!!!


Why do we say that? When all we can hope is that your week was more productive and rewarding than not? Well: “We hope your Friday has never looked better!”. We have much in store to keep you well supplied over the weekend.

Who says Social Media is just for the lonely and those on the troll? Well Mark Zuckerberg showed them!!!  The founder of Facebook met with former death row inmate,  and this saw him apologizing to Anthony Ray Hinton for a mistake that cost the former inmate 30 years of his life…. You cannot help but consider that showing care and humanity can be done by all and must be done by all: in this, there should be no divide. RedyMoney hopes Mr. Hinton gets the requisite support to re-integrate into the society as a man with much to contribute. A billionaire has shown that it doesn’t take much to show you care and admit remorse when you find someone was wronged.

These students may have believed that no one cared enough to fund their full tuition: that would have been prior to them hearing the announcement. Such announcement can be a dream come true (literally) for thousands of students.Recent students have revealed too, that amongst the top worries of university students (and their parents, of course) is the cost for tuition. RedyMoney celebrates with these students and parents, whom have all had a major burden eased. Doesn’t it make you feel good when other persons feel good?

Life in alabama!!!
And for today’s #LifeInAlabama feature:

we anticipate the coming of spring and of course Alabama is known for an ideal spring. Since a lot of residents and tourists hike; you can do a rewind (or even your first hike) on one of these trails: Hike to get different views of the Bald Rock Outlook via the boardwalk with access for the disabled. 

When you seem to run out of inspiration, a trek out in nature should rejuvenate you. Have an inspired weekend family!!!!



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