Happy RedyWednesday!!!

As the observance of Red Cross month continues, RedyMoney shares this story of our neighbor in Wisconsin, who  even at 101 still takes volunteering seriously. This is some legacy to leave behind and her family must be proud to be related to her. With the aim of collecting 101 pints of blood and at the end of the drive, clocking in at 93, Ms. Blanche Baudhuin must be nothing short of satisfied, at what was achieved. This drive means more lives will be saved and those in dire need of something so seemingly simple can get it. Kindness and helping has no age limit!!!

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And today’s #LifeInAlabama feature comes to you courtesy of the town:

Faunsdale!! With an estimated population of 94 (2015 census), Faunsdale is home to the Holderman Mennonite Church. Never visited this small town? Well spring is the perfect time for you to explore, with Crawfish festival and Biker rally, the town does not shy from celebrating its small blessings!!!

Feeling a little bit Irish??? Well you are in good company and will remain so come Friday, St. Patrick’s Day. Birmingham has you covered!!! Any plans anyone???


With that said RedyMoney sends you off to your mid-week on a high note.


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