Happy April Alabama!!!

April and Alabama have one thing in common: they both begin with the letter ‘A’. RedyMoney is adding another ‘A’ word to the mix as we begin the second quarter. ‘Aspiration’. Appealing to the ambition of the Alabama people. The ambition of seeing our state flourish and our people thrive.

On the matter of our people thriving, as a state, we must all see how we can assist our governor in making a state goal come true. A state goal that will undoubtedly benefit, both directly and indirectly, all citizens. What say you? Do you wish to be part of this process?

Our Montgomery Police are aspiring to be more than what their duties dictate. Duties, which requires them to execute in meaningful ways and ways that citizens can relate. RedyMoney lauds the initiative by the Police and we encourage all citizens to come on board.


Of course, as inspiration, RedyMoney gives a quote that encourages all of us to aspire to be more, and to live, not just exist. Robert Browning tells us, “Aspirations are our possibilities.’

RedyMoney hopes you have an inspired and aspiring week. What possibilities have you been longing for? Think about it..


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