Happy Healthy Friday!!!

Today is World Health Day!! As important conversation continues around depression, let us not forget that devastating events also can give rise to depression. Anything traumatic can cause one to experience depression. RedyMoney’s prayers and condolences go out to all citizens who have been displaced by the weather this week. Even the threat of a weather can affect your mental health. Which is why preparation is important to ease some of that anxiety.

It is time to talk, as talking never hurts. Taking your overall health seriously is an investment, investment in healthier lives, financial stability and much more. You would have heard before that being caught in a financial rut indefinitely puts a strain on your finances; same goes for having health complications.

There is no straight answer for this two way dilemma, however, investing in your health whilst balancing your finances, can ultimately start through conversation. Stressed that you are not meeting your financial goals, as you had projected? Talk to a trusted friend, and someone who is a financially sound adviser. Join us as we raise awareness about talking about Depression!!

Endeavor also, to end your week on a productive note: celebrate the tasks you have accomplished and make a list of those tasks that were to be completed but did not get completed. Work on them first thing Monday morning.


RedyMoney wishes for all of Alabama a safe and reflective weekend. We also encourage to count even the smallest of blessings and focus on them. See you next week!!!


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