Happy RedyMonday!!!

Welcome to the second week of April, and the second quarter of 2017. It is always easy to get distracted or exceedingly caught up in daily life, giving less thought to your long term plans and goals. It is always good to experience each day anew and seize all opportunities, however, you must balance living everyday with the alignment of your life goals

For example, what financial goals did you set at the beginning of the year? Have you been able to make any contribution to these goals? Whatever goals you set in life, there are some realities, that it is best that they be accepted as soon as you encounter. For example, many may not be so fortunate to go through life without incurring debt. And mismanaged debts are also a reality of some Alabamians. Financial stress can contribute greatly to Depression (which was observed last Friday for World Health Day). 

The reality is that everyday living can contribute to health problems in many different ways. Sometimes it becomes necessary that we borrow, but how does debt become burdensome? When we incur additional debt. Or if we lose our jobs. Or simply, borrowing would have been a poor decision for our expenditure in the beginning. Last Friday, RedyMoney encouraged all citizens to talk. And if you find that you are burdened by debts, you are again urged to talk to someone.

There is never any real inspiration in becoming indebted. However, you must know your financial standing before falling into debt. Your finances will only work for you as much as you let them.

In a time such as now, RedyMoney encourages all citizens to take charge of their finances. Yes, not all factors citizens have control over; but we must control what it is within our power.

Have a blessed Monday and a productive week family!!!!


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