Happy Thursday!!!

What a day to be alive!! As we wrap up our week to go off on a long weekend, RedyMoney puts in our two cents. Amidst all the plans and activities, we must stay close to the principles and the significance of the holidays; what it means for you and your families.

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For the children, they must be looking forward to treats and being surrounded by family, going to church and all the usual activities.  Do you have specific planned for your family? Any special meals to prepare? Whatever plans you have this weekend, ensure you chose the safest options and that you are using the most cost-effective measures when preparing for your activities. 

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:

In today’s tiny town feature, we introduce Union Grove. Located in Marshall County, Union Grove boasts a population estimate (2015) of 79, coming up from 77, at 2010’s estimate. Want to give your family a trip to one of the state’s tiniest towns?

Whatever your plans, we hope that your weekend provides a source of inspiration. Have a safe weekend family!!!




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