Happy Healthy Friday!!!

Today is World Health Day!! As important conversation continues around depression, let us not forget that devastating events also can give rise to depression. Anything traumatic can cause one to experience depression. RedyMoney’s prayers and condolences go out to all citizens who have been displaced by the weather this week. Even the threat of a weather can affect your mental health. Which is why preparation is important to ease some of that anxiety.

It is time to talk, as talking never hurts. Taking your overall health seriously is an investment, investment in healthier lives, financial stability and much more. You would have heard before that being caught in a financial rut indefinitely puts a strain on your finances; same goes for having health complications.

There is no straight answer for this two way dilemma, however, investing in your health whilst balancing your finances, can ultimately start through conversation. Stressed that you are not meeting your financial goals, as you had projected? Talk to a trusted friend, and someone who is a financially sound adviser. Join us as we raise awareness about talking about Depression!!

Endeavor also, to end your week on a productive note: celebrate the tasks you have accomplished and make a list of those tasks that were to be completed but did not get completed. Work on them first thing Monday morning.


RedyMoney wishes for all of Alabama a safe and reflective weekend. We also encourage to count even the smallest of blessings and focus on them. See you next week!!!


Happy Wednesday Alabama!!!

Did you ‘Light it up Blue’ this past Sunday to support World Autism Awareness Day? If you missed the grand lighting on Sunday and the convention of the Autism Support communities; not to worry, throughout April and throughout all of Alabama, you can Join the Autism Society of Alabama, as they ask you to support an angel for Autism. Do not worry about how much you donate, or if you have money to donate. The organization may also have non-monetary needs that you can assist with. And for every parent to an autistic child: “Toward Autonomy and Self Determination.” Your child needs you unwavering support to ensure they can function and contribute greatly in a society that needs every talent. Of course, there is a pressing matter of severe weather today…….

RedyMoney encourages all citizens to remain safe and well prepared ahead of the severe weathers to come. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones. Remember, it is best to move to  a storm shelter as soon as possible, before it is too late. Here are a list of Storm Shelters, placed on standby with resources to accommodate citizens.

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And for this small town in Pickens County, especially, RedyMoney encourages extra caution.

With an estimated population in 2015 of 73, Ethelsville, fell from a steady 81 between 2000 and 2010. Can you imagine, all these small towns, must certainly be treasured and revered, to survive and co-exist in such a small setting. RedyMoney encourages you all to pool all your resources to ensure you are all safe throughout the severe weather threats.

Have a safe Wednesday Alabama!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


Aren’t we all thankful that we have made it through this week? Despite all the hiccups of the week, Friday is here and it has brought its wonderful friend, St. Patrick!!!

. Thanks to our friends over in Fairhope, Alabama for this pic

Another reason to thank St. Patrick. He brings in the weekend and because stores love him they are giving discounts and prizes to their customers. Talk about an ease on our pockets. What discount would you want that you are not seeing though?

But lest we digress from the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day; a celebration of the Irish culture that has been infused into our American heritage. For those amongst us who are fit that particular bill, we say Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!! The most heart warming part of this celebration (and each year) is that even the non-Irish, celebrate on this day. They are celebrating the heritage of their fellow brothers and given them a chance to know more about that part of their culture. This means that as a people, we are capable of celebrating uniqueness and capable of being happy for our brothers and sisters.It means deep down, we know we are interdependent and have overtime come to love the diversity of our country.

Time for the Friday dance

You can’t go wrong with these cats!!! There is no better send off into the weekend that one filled with celebrations and discounts. Have a lovely one family!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!

As the observance of Red Cross month continues, RedyMoney shares this story of our neighbor in Wisconsin, who  even at 101 still takes volunteering seriously. This is some legacy to leave behind and her family must be proud to be related to her. With the aim of collecting 101 pints of blood and at the end of the drive, clocking in at 93, Ms. Blanche Baudhuin must be nothing short of satisfied, at what was achieved. This drive means more lives will be saved and those in dire need of something so seemingly simple can get it. Kindness and helping has no age limit!!!

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And today’s #LifeInAlabama feature comes to you courtesy of the town:

Faunsdale!! With an estimated population of 94 (2015 census), Faunsdale is home to the Holderman Mennonite Church. Never visited this small town? Well spring is the perfect time for you to explore, with Crawfish festival and Biker rally, the town does not shy from celebrating its small blessings!!!

Feeling a little bit Irish??? Well you are in good company and will remain so come Friday, St. Patrick’s Day. Birmingham has you covered!!! Any plans anyone???


With that said RedyMoney sends you off to your mid-week on a high note.

Welcome to Wednesday!!!

The flu persists!!! Even here in Alabama.Thanks to our friends over at American Red Cross for keeping us in the know!!! Take every necessary precaution to protect yourselves before it escalates to a life threat.

You got that right!!1 Friday should see the iconic Shaquille O’Neal grace the city of Birmingham!!!

And a big thank you to Coca-Cola for this generous donation. No town is fully functional without well-equipped centers to deal with emergencies. Its ventures and acts such as these, that make RedyMoney a proud business operating in Alabama. We are among great people and fellow business operators.

Life in alabama!!!
In today’s #LifeInAlabama feature (where we highlight what makes Alabama unique and a memorable visiting state), we will look at some of the tiniest towns in our state. Yes!!! There are states whose population was in the double digits at some point). Can you imagine that???

Our featured tiny town for this week is Haleburg (Henry County) with a population of 101 (2015), a fall from 103 (2010), further fall from 108 (2000) and a rise from 97 (1990)!!! In the nineties, this town was below zero!!! Believe it or not, since 1930, the highest population was 274 – in that same decade.

It is a sunny day and RedyMoney encourages you all to keep a sunny outlook on life as you go through the rest of your week!!! To all beautiful women of Alabama, RedyMoney encourages you to be bold today, tomorrow and everyday!!! RedyMoney salutes all of you, and we thank you for being powerful, graceful and strong. #InternationalWomen’sDay