Happy Tuesday Alabama!!

Welcome back!!! We hope your Easter break was reflective and was another source of inspiration for you.

We must start the week right. RedyMoney always says, regardless of your sector, there must be a source of inspiration and motivation from which you draw.

Even our farmers are not short on charity. Can you imagine us in Alabama? You know we are truly made of stern substance, when despite all our predicaments, we can still extend assistance to other states; much as how we receive assistance from time to time.

Another inspiring fact: more than 75% of Phenix City’s population is above poverty level. RedyMoney knows from our end, that this is something we are proud to hear, thus far for our efforts. Of course we are working to lower this number. What do you think you can do in this regard?

It is prudent for taxpayers to file, even you cannot meet the April 18 deadline (that’s today!!!).

RedyMoney has your back Alabama, if you are not able to file on time, it is still important that you file.

With that said, and much to do, we encourage you to have an inspiring week!!!

Happy Wednesday Alabama!!!

Did you ‘Light it up Blue’ this past Sunday to support World Autism Awareness Day? If you missed the grand lighting on Sunday and the convention of the Autism Support communities; not to worry, throughout April and throughout all of Alabama, you can Join the Autism Society of Alabama, as they ask you to support an angel for Autism. Do not worry about how much you donate, or if you have money to donate. The organization may also have non-monetary needs that you can assist with. And for every parent to an autistic child: “Toward Autonomy and Self Determination.” Your child needs you unwavering support to ensure they can function and contribute greatly in a society that needs every talent. Of course, there is a pressing matter of severe weather today…….

RedyMoney encourages all citizens to remain safe and well prepared ahead of the severe weathers to come. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones. Remember, it is best to move to  a storm shelter as soon as possible, before it is too late. Here are a list of Storm Shelters, placed on standby with resources to accommodate citizens.

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And for this small town in Pickens County, especially, RedyMoney encourages extra caution.

With an estimated population in 2015 of 73, Ethelsville, fell from a steady 81 between 2000 and 2010. Can you imagine, all these small towns, must certainly be treasured and revered, to survive and co-exist in such a small setting. RedyMoney encourages you all to pool all your resources to ensure you are all safe throughout the severe weather threats.

Have a safe Wednesday Alabama!!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!!

As we will soon be saying goodbye to March….

RedyMoney encourages all to continue to volunteer, donate and support Red Cross initiatives across the country, if they can. Red Cross, too, is aware of the threat in early Spring, of flooding and possibly severe weather. They ensured we are covered with some tips, fully endorsed by RedyMoney. Throughout the month, the Organization has been encouraging us all to unearth the inner heroes within all of us. And surely, for an organization whose workforce is 90% volunteers, this is beyond possible, to give willingly to a worthy cause.  As we say goodbye to the month, let us not say goodbye to the cause.

A healthy state means many things for economy. Anything affecting any citizen carries an impact, as the person with so much to give, loses the motivation to do so. Can you then imagine losing a baby? To an unexplained cause? The grief alone can make mothers, fathers and siblings lose their drive. And whilst we teach resilience and recovering from loss; if we can solve the problem; let us solve. We would really like to know if the Baby Box works!!! Even better news; some mothers may even get the boxes free!!!!

RedyMoney wonders how Alabama is taking this news. To know that if this legislation is passed, their online behavior can be sold without their permission, as their Internet Services providers sees fit? How is it ever ethical to commercialize online privacy? Who makes these rules?

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
In our #LifeInAlabama feature today:

We look at Needham, over there near Choctaw County’s center. With a 2015 estimated population of 91, a fall from estimated population of 94 in 2010. 

That is it for this Wednesday family!!! We will see you on Friday and we will say goodbye to March together. Godspeed!!!



Happy Spring Friday!!!

Despite the threat of sever weather in some sections of the state, RedyMoney welcomes you to another Friday. Just think, next week this time, we are saying good-bye to March, for good, for this year. #TimeFlies


It certainly warms the heart when Alabama is featured and recognized outside of our region. Congrats to the Fishers at Orange Beach Marina and Highlands Bar and Grill for being highlighted. Continue to represent the South!!! This is a nice way to conclude spring break.

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:

Anybody plans to attend the Urban Living Expo this Saturday? To explore and be informed on the importance of being prepared for a natural disaster.Each family needs to have a plan of action and practice. How else would you be able to move swiftly if a disaster comes with little warning and little time to evacuate??? Go out and come back prepared to protect your families in the face of a disaster.

Hiking plans anyone?

‘For Pete’s Sake’ is a 8 mile long trail in the Chewacla State Park, for cycling and hiking alike. What better time to bond with nature, than spring? Bond with nature this weekend.

Have a blessed weekend Redy family!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!!

It is a day and has been a week filled with all the good and not-so-good sporting news.We hope that all sport fanatics (basically all of Alabama), have been holding the fort, in the name of good sportsmanship!!! RedyMoney welcomes you to a mid-week, and we hope that you have made much desired progress so far.

If any of our women are interested in attending this workshop, come with your ideas and solutions!!! You may  also want to contact the Innovation depot, and confirm the dates of the Athena Collective workshop, either today and tomorrow or tomorrow and Friday. Either way, pop in if you can and enjoy!!!

Alabama has its fair share of support and incentive for entrepreneurs. Thanks to the Alabama Launchpad, entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their innovative ideas to another level. Congrats to all the winners. All who entered, won. They won the war of just sitting on an idea, without getting serious about it!!!! Go Bama!!!

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And for today’s #LifeInAlabama feature:

In today’s tiniest town feature, we look at Blue Springs, in Barbour County. With an estimated population of 92 in 2015, this is a small decline from the estimated population of 96, in 2010 and 121 in 2000.Home to the Blue Springs State Park, featuring a spring pool and enough campground to go around. Just in time foe spring. Picnic anyone???

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!!


Welcome Spring!!!

Welcome to mostly warm and sunny days. Spring break anyone??? Parents, remember that the children need not only to take a mental break from school, but an opportunity to experience nature to rejuvenate them and what better time than spring!!! Be on the weather lookout though, rumor last year had it, this year’s spring may take an unexpected turn.


Our inspiring quote for this week commemorates the beginning of spring. Think about it: everything has a season and nothing lasts forever. Walt Disney tells us, “the way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” Is there a decision you have been putting off? Or have you finally made an important decision but have not yet out it into action? Whether this is a financial or personal decision, you are encouraged to heed Disney’s advice.

It is important to note that this, as any other time, is tricky to talk about saving and investing, when hard working citizens have been victims of various schemes of those who are robbing them. Be vigilant when you are at the ATMs. Thankfully this was discovered and the bank is lauded for notifying the police as soon as they flagged activity as suspicious. It means still, that the banks, bank personnel and customers themselves need to pay more attention; also look out for anyone acting suspicious at an ATM. How long really does it takes to withdraw money? You might want to alert bank security if you find a user in an ATM for an inordinately long period.


RedyMoney sends you off to a week filled with energy and you being on high alert. Have a productive week everybody!!!

Friday has never looked better!!!


Why do we say that? When all we can hope is that your week was more productive and rewarding than not? Well: “We hope your Friday has never looked better!”. We have much in store to keep you well supplied over the weekend.

Who says Social Media is just for the lonely and those on the troll? Well Mark Zuckerberg showed them!!!  The founder of Facebook met with former death row inmate,  and this saw him apologizing to Anthony Ray Hinton for a mistake that cost the former inmate 30 years of his life…. You cannot help but consider that showing care and humanity can be done by all and must be done by all: in this, there should be no divide. RedyMoney hopes Mr. Hinton gets the requisite support to re-integrate into the society as a man with much to contribute. A billionaire has shown that it doesn’t take much to show you care and admit remorse when you find someone was wronged.

These students may have believed that no one cared enough to fund their full tuition: that would have been prior to them hearing the announcement. Such announcement can be a dream come true (literally) for thousands of students.Recent students have revealed too, that amongst the top worries of university students (and their parents, of course) is the cost for tuition. RedyMoney celebrates with these students and parents, whom have all had a major burden eased. Doesn’t it make you feel good when other persons feel good?

Life in alabama!!!
And for today’s #LifeInAlabama feature:

we anticipate the coming of spring and of course Alabama is known for an ideal spring. Since a lot of residents and tourists hike; you can do a rewind (or even your first hike) on one of these trails: Hike to get different views of the Bald Rock Outlook via the boardwalk with access for the disabled. 

When you seem to run out of inspiration, a trek out in nature should rejuvenate you. Have an inspired weekend family!!!!


Happy Friday!!!

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up on Monday, RedyMoney is proud of those who will be volunteering at any of the many events lined up in various towns/cities, to celebrate the life and contribution of truly an influential man, with a lifelong legacy. It does feel good to volunteer, and not just on special occasions, but as often as you can.

In between plans for Monday and the usual weekend (children will be home); a fun activity is to spare a few minutes and conduct your own history lesson with your children on Martin Luther King Jr. Get them informed, inspired, thinking and aspiring to become as great as they can be; using this man as an example. Willing to give it a shot???
We also leave you with some inspiration to take into your weekend, from the man himself. Have an inspired weekend RedyFamily!!!!

RedyWednesday Greetings!!!

RedyMoney is not only here to provide you with Financial support in times of crisis, but to also share in the everyday life of our beloved state. We too are affected as are our customers and their families and neighbors. We thought it prudent to remind you that we are right here, in Phenix City, ready to serve you all.

Help RedyMoney share some of Alabama’s rich history as RedyMoney is and will remain, a proud business citizen of Alabama.

Stay tuned as we incorporate m ore everyday, average Alabamian lifestyle tips and tricks to putting your talents to use, realizing your passion and helping others.

Have a good evening!!!

Happy RedyMonday!!!

RedyMoney is very happy we are all able to meet on this side of the week!!!

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend!!!

RedyMoney wants you to be on the right track for your week and also for your still relatively New Year. We are here with you to help you approach each challenge with an attitude to give your best and learn.

RedyMoney leaves you with a little motivation to take on your week, from us, to continue your honest endeavors at making a living; whether working with our hands on a farm, in a manufacturing plant or in an office for the state. You all must remember why you went where you are at now, and how far you want to go.

See you again on Wednesday RedyMoney family!!!