Happy Tuesday Alabama!!

Welcome back!!! We hope your Easter break was reflective and was another source of inspiration for you.

We must start the week right. RedyMoney always says, regardless of your sector, there must be a source of inspiration and motivation from which you draw.

Even our farmers are not short on charity. Can you imagine us in Alabama? You know we are truly made of stern substance, when despite all our predicaments, we can still extend assistance to other states; much as how we receive assistance from time to time.

Another inspiring fact: more than 75% of Phenix City’s population is above poverty level. RedyMoney knows from our end, that this is something we are proud to hear, thus far for our efforts. Of course we are working to lower this number. What do you think you can do in this regard?

It is prudent for taxpayers to file, even you cannot meet the April 18 deadline (that’s today!!!).

RedyMoney has your back Alabama, if you are not able to file on time, it is still important that you file.

With that said, and much to do, we encourage you to have an inspiring week!!!

Happy RedyMonday!!!

Welcome to the second week of April, and the second quarter of 2017. It is always easy to get distracted or exceedingly caught up in daily life, giving less thought to your long term plans and goals. It is always good to experience each day anew and seize all opportunities, however, you must balance living everyday with the alignment of your life goals

For example, what financial goals did you set at the beginning of the year? Have you been able to make any contribution to these goals? Whatever goals you set in life, there are some realities, that it is best that they be accepted as soon as you encounter. For example, many may not be so fortunate to go through life without incurring debt. And mismanaged debts are also a reality of some Alabamians. Financial stress can contribute greatly to Depression (which was observed last Friday for World Health Day). 

The reality is that everyday living can contribute to health problems in many different ways. Sometimes it becomes necessary that we borrow, but how does debt become burdensome? When we incur additional debt. Or if we lose our jobs. Or simply, borrowing would have been a poor decision for our expenditure in the beginning. Last Friday, RedyMoney encouraged all citizens to talk. And if you find that you are burdened by debts, you are again urged to talk to someone.

There is never any real inspiration in becoming indebted. However, you must know your financial standing before falling into debt. Your finances will only work for you as much as you let them.

In a time such as now, RedyMoney encourages all citizens to take charge of their finances. Yes, not all factors citizens have control over; but we must control what it is within our power.

Have a blessed Monday and a productive week family!!!!

Happy April Alabama!!!

April and Alabama have one thing in common: they both begin with the letter ‘A’. RedyMoney is adding another ‘A’ word to the mix as we begin the second quarter. ‘Aspiration’. Appealing to the ambition of the Alabama people. The ambition of seeing our state flourish and our people thrive.

On the matter of our people thriving, as a state, we must all see how we can assist our governor in making a state goal come true. A state goal that will undoubtedly benefit, both directly and indirectly, all citizens. What say you? Do you wish to be part of this process?

Our Montgomery Police are aspiring to be more than what their duties dictate. Duties, which requires them to execute in meaningful ways and ways that citizens can relate. RedyMoney lauds the initiative by the Police and we encourage all citizens to come on board.


Of course, as inspiration, RedyMoney gives a quote that encourages all of us to aspire to be more, and to live, not just exist. Robert Browning tells us, “Aspirations are our possibilities.’

RedyMoney hopes you have an inspired and aspiring week. What possibilities have you been longing for? Think about it..

Happy Friday Alabama!!!

It is important to start the weekend right….

We start your weekend with this quote: “Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.” Thank you for this one Epictetus!!!

As we get ready to say goodbye to March 2017; we must ask ourselves: (1) How much of my projections did I achieve this month? (2). What prevented me from not achieving some of my goals for this month, and how can I prevent the same hurdles for next month? (3). What new knowledge did I gain this month? (4) Has anything happened this month that can improve my performance and outlook for the next month?

Say what!!! Alabama has its own share of millionaires??? That is great news!!!


As we approach a new month, RedyMoney reminds you that we are remain your loan service provider to get you through any unplanned financial emergency that you may encounter. We continue to encourage that you use every day to grow and every pay check to make smart buying choices.

See you in April family!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!!

As we will soon be saying goodbye to March….

RedyMoney encourages all to continue to volunteer, donate and support Red Cross initiatives across the country, if they can. Red Cross, too, is aware of the threat in early Spring, of flooding and possibly severe weather. They ensured we are covered with some tips, fully endorsed by RedyMoney. Throughout the month, the Organization has been encouraging us all to unearth the inner heroes within all of us. And surely, for an organization whose workforce is 90% volunteers, this is beyond possible, to give willingly to a worthy cause.  As we say goodbye to the month, let us not say goodbye to the cause.

A healthy state means many things for economy. Anything affecting any citizen carries an impact, as the person with so much to give, loses the motivation to do so. Can you then imagine losing a baby? To an unexplained cause? The grief alone can make mothers, fathers and siblings lose their drive. And whilst we teach resilience and recovering from loss; if we can solve the problem; let us solve. We would really like to know if the Baby Box works!!! Even better news; some mothers may even get the boxes free!!!!

RedyMoney wonders how Alabama is taking this news. To know that if this legislation is passed, their online behavior can be sold without their permission, as their Internet Services providers sees fit? How is it ever ethical to commercialize online privacy? Who makes these rules?

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
In our #LifeInAlabama feature today:

We look at Needham, over there near Choctaw County’s center. With a 2015 estimated population of 91, a fall from estimated population of 94 in 2010. 

That is it for this Wednesday family!!! We will see you on Friday and we will say goodbye to March together. Godspeed!!!



Welcome Spring!!!

Welcome to mostly warm and sunny days. Spring break anyone??? Parents, remember that the children need not only to take a mental break from school, but an opportunity to experience nature to rejuvenate them and what better time than spring!!! Be on the weather lookout though, rumor last year had it, this year’s spring may take an unexpected turn.


Our inspiring quote for this week commemorates the beginning of spring. Think about it: everything has a season and nothing lasts forever. Walt Disney tells us, “the way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” Is there a decision you have been putting off? Or have you finally made an important decision but have not yet out it into action? Whether this is a financial or personal decision, you are encouraged to heed Disney’s advice.

It is important to note that this, as any other time, is tricky to talk about saving and investing, when hard working citizens have been victims of various schemes of those who are robbing them. Be vigilant when you are at the ATMs. Thankfully this was discovered and the bank is lauded for notifying the police as soon as they flagged activity as suspicious. It means still, that the banks, bank personnel and customers themselves need to pay more attention; also look out for anyone acting suspicious at an ATM. How long really does it takes to withdraw money? You might want to alert bank security if you find a user in an ATM for an inordinately long period.


RedyMoney sends you off to a week filled with energy and you being on high alert. Have a productive week everybody!!!

Have a RedyMonday!!!

A RedyMonday is one that sees you having the requisite inspiration and drive to achieve all your goals, step-by-step, for any given week. 


Inspiration for this week comes from Harold Stephen and as RedyMoney encourages us all to be brave in the face of every obstacle, it goes: “There is a great difference between worry and  concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.”

Yes, we are still in Tax Season. RedyMoney implores with all citizens to be cautious of how you respond to prompts to pay taxes. Facts to be guided by, the IRS will not ask you to wire money. If the IRS is contacting you for the first time about owed taxes, this usually takes the form of a letter in the mail. Also, do not confirm any tax return information over the phone, if the person is not satisfied with you saying you will visit a tax service center, more than likely it is a scammer, and you are well within your right to end the call. Scamming affects thousands of Americans, increase your knowledge to decrease your likelihood of becoming a victim!!!

Stores closing down/ ceasing operations is also a part of business, knowing when to cut losses and going back to the drawing board. But what about the families that will be affected by this job cut???

All in a day in Alabama….. You have to stop and wonder, what role do I play in all that is happening around me? Am I making a good contribution or a bad one?

With all this said, RedyMoney wished you a productive, hopeful and bold week. Remember to worry less!!!!


Happy RedyMonday!!!

After a mixed weekend, we are now solidly and securely in the third month of the year; the closing of the first quarter. Time is certainly going fast. Have you achieved any of your goals for the first quarter? Done anything on your wish list?

For inspiration to get you through this week, we look at the type of motivation that makes you feel re-energized to sticking to your personal, professional and financial goals: “a small start is still a start.”

It is simple, you have written down your goals for 2017 and why you want them. But what action have you done, directly or indirectly to bring you closer to the goals you have set down? If your goal is saving $10,000; do you consider putting away $20 per week a step towards that goal? And, did you give yourself reasonable time to save this money? If not; chances are you should. 

Taking into consideration borrowing/ honoring your debt: have your goals been so aligned to allow for you to repay this debt with ease? More importantly, do you really need to borrow? Borrowing is to ease the burden or emergencies that we are unprepared for, with that in mind, a goal can be to save, even the smallest amount you can, so if you need to borrow, you borrow less!!! 

Just in case the news did not reach you, the IRS may owe you.

Remember we are in Red Cross month. As we go through this month, RedyMoney hopes you can find motivation through the acts of kindness that Alabama is known for. Just think: you are passing someone on the street who may have donated blood that in turned saved someone’s life. Even if it had nothing to do with you, that’s comforting to know!!!

Have a blessed, focused and inspired week Redy family!!!

Happy Friday Alabama!!!

Happy Friday Alabama!!! It is indeed a blessing that we have all lived to see another Friday. We hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. Early next week, we say goodbye to February, for good (this year, at least), and RedyMoney encourages you to continue to go back to the drawing board to ensure that your actions remain aligned with your goals. Start looking at how our month went and how you can improve come March. Time is inevitable, but we must believe in the opportunities presented to each us each day, to grow, be more and do more.

It is official, you can purchase some emergency items, tax free. Speak to your local store before making a purchase and find out exactly what deal you are getting, as you prepare for any natural disaster. Speaking of weather, we must all brace ourselves for some customary rain in March. Think we will get a break this year?

All-in-all, it was a week of achievements and applaud. RedyMoney supports an venture that increases service access to most of a population. You go further to invest in the youth, pave a way to make their learning more interactive with current information and you become a favorite in our book. Salute to: Montgomery County, City of Montgomery, Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base and Cyber College of Air Force. When different bodies/ entities collaborate to create an inclusive service, it should definitely be highlighted.

Yes, the celebrations of African Americans and their great contribution throughout history, will soon come to a close. Though celebrations end, and whilst RedyMoney certainly is not saying to host celebrations all year round; the best way of appreciation is through emulation. What have you taken away, as virtue or character from any of the African-American Pioneers you read/learnt about this month?

RedyMoney loves to send you into the weekend pondering. Have a blessed and safe weekend family!!

Happy Alabama Friday!!!!

Who is staying up tonight to watch the triple show? Comet, eclipse and moon in one night? Talk about true Alabama life. Don’t you just love the way, when it seems as though nature is giving Alabama a special treat….. Those in Birmingham will get the view that will be the envy of many!!!

How did this miss us? Influenza A? Where did you come from? We encourage everybody to all in their power and reach to swiftly treat this illness swiftly. Know the symptoms to look out for, although, for the most past it seems more than half of Alabama has already been inflicted.Do all you can to recover quickly!!!!

A look at what is happening in the Finance sector in Alabama, one of the premier bank in the state, having closed what may be considered enough branches last year, is looking to close more branches, both in the short term and the long term. This may be an economically sound decision for the bank, however, may mean loss of income for many locals who were employed by them. On a side note: if you are a customer that usually prefers/ only uses the teller services, you may have to decide to travel further to another branch in the future and/or familiarize yourself with the online and mobile banking. You have until April 28 to make a choice; for those whose account is held in the Selma, Montgomery, Anniston, Dothan and Semmes branches. 

A lot has happened in the week, many of us are taking a breath of relief; you will finally be able to catch up on sleep, and as life seems to get more hectic, you have more and more, plan ahead. RedyMoney wishes you a safe and relaxing weekend!!!!