Happy Tuesday Alabama!!

Welcome back!!! We hope your Easter break was reflective and was another source of inspiration for you.

We must start the week right. RedyMoney always says, regardless of your sector, there must be a source of inspiration and motivation from which you draw.

Even our farmers are not short on charity. Can you imagine us in Alabama? You know we are truly made of stern substance, when despite all our predicaments, we can still extend assistance to other states; much as how we receive assistance from time to time.

Another inspiring fact: more than 75% of Phenix City’s population is above poverty level. RedyMoney knows from our end, that this is something we are proud to hear, thus far for our efforts. Of course we are working to lower this number. What do you think you can do in this regard?

It is prudent for taxpayers to file, even you cannot meet the April 18 deadline (that’s today!!!).

RedyMoney has your back Alabama, if you are not able to file on time, it is still important that you file.

With that said, and much to do, we encourage you to have an inspiring week!!!


Happy Thursday!!!

What a day to be alive!! As we wrap up our week to go off on a long weekend, RedyMoney puts in our two cents. Amidst all the plans and activities, we must stay close to the principles and the significance of the holidays; what it means for you and your families.

RedyMoney Money when you need it most
As your payday loan provider; we are interested in you getting optimum value for your money.

For the children, they must be looking forward to treats and being surrounded by family, going to church and all the usual activities.  Do you have specific planned for your family? Any special meals to prepare? Whatever plans you have this weekend, ensure you chose the safest options and that you are using the most cost-effective measures when preparing for your activities. 

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:

In today’s tiny town feature, we introduce Union Grove. Located in Marshall County, Union Grove boasts a population estimate (2015) of 79, coming up from 77, at 2010’s estimate. Want to give your family a trip to one of the state’s tiniest towns?

Whatever your plans, we hope that your weekend provides a source of inspiration. Have a safe weekend family!!!



Happy RedyMonday!!!

Welcome to the second week of April, and the second quarter of 2017. It is always easy to get distracted or exceedingly caught up in daily life, giving less thought to your long term plans and goals. It is always good to experience each day anew and seize all opportunities, however, you must balance living everyday with the alignment of your life goals

For example, what financial goals did you set at the beginning of the year? Have you been able to make any contribution to these goals? Whatever goals you set in life, there are some realities, that it is best that they be accepted as soon as you encounter. For example, many may not be so fortunate to go through life without incurring debt. And mismanaged debts are also a reality of some Alabamians. Financial stress can contribute greatly to Depression (which was observed last Friday for World Health Day). 

The reality is that everyday living can contribute to health problems in many different ways. Sometimes it becomes necessary that we borrow, but how does debt become burdensome? When we incur additional debt. Or if we lose our jobs. Or simply, borrowing would have been a poor decision for our expenditure in the beginning. Last Friday, RedyMoney encouraged all citizens to talk. And if you find that you are burdened by debts, you are again urged to talk to someone.

There is never any real inspiration in becoming indebted. However, you must know your financial standing before falling into debt. Your finances will only work for you as much as you let them.

In a time such as now, RedyMoney encourages all citizens to take charge of their finances. Yes, not all factors citizens have control over; but we must control what it is within our power.

Have a blessed Monday and a productive week family!!!!

Happy Healthy Friday!!!

Today is World Health Day!! As important conversation continues around depression, let us not forget that devastating events also can give rise to depression. Anything traumatic can cause one to experience depression. RedyMoney’s prayers and condolences go out to all citizens who have been displaced by the weather this week. Even the threat of a weather can affect your mental health. Which is why preparation is important to ease some of that anxiety.

It is time to talk, as talking never hurts. Taking your overall health seriously is an investment, investment in healthier lives, financial stability and much more. You would have heard before that being caught in a financial rut indefinitely puts a strain on your finances; same goes for having health complications.

There is no straight answer for this two way dilemma, however, investing in your health whilst balancing your finances, can ultimately start through conversation. Stressed that you are not meeting your financial goals, as you had projected? Talk to a trusted friend, and someone who is a financially sound adviser. Join us as we raise awareness about talking about Depression!!

Endeavor also, to end your week on a productive note: celebrate the tasks you have accomplished and make a list of those tasks that were to be completed but did not get completed. Work on them first thing Monday morning.


RedyMoney wishes for all of Alabama a safe and reflective weekend. We also encourage to count even the smallest of blessings and focus on them. See you next week!!!

Happy April Alabama!!!

April and Alabama have one thing in common: they both begin with the letter ‘A’. RedyMoney is adding another ‘A’ word to the mix as we begin the second quarter. ‘Aspiration’. Appealing to the ambition of the Alabama people. The ambition of seeing our state flourish and our people thrive.

On the matter of our people thriving, as a state, we must all see how we can assist our governor in making a state goal come true. A state goal that will undoubtedly benefit, both directly and indirectly, all citizens. What say you? Do you wish to be part of this process?

Our Montgomery Police are aspiring to be more than what their duties dictate. Duties, which requires them to execute in meaningful ways and ways that citizens can relate. RedyMoney lauds the initiative by the Police and we encourage all citizens to come on board.


Of course, as inspiration, RedyMoney gives a quote that encourages all of us to aspire to be more, and to live, not just exist. Robert Browning tells us, “Aspirations are our possibilities.’

RedyMoney hopes you have an inspired and aspiring week. What possibilities have you been longing for? Think about it..

Happy Friday Alabama!!!

It is important to start the weekend right….

We start your weekend with this quote: “Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.” Thank you for this one Epictetus!!!

As we get ready to say goodbye to March 2017; we must ask ourselves: (1) How much of my projections did I achieve this month? (2). What prevented me from not achieving some of my goals for this month, and how can I prevent the same hurdles for next month? (3). What new knowledge did I gain this month? (4) Has anything happened this month that can improve my performance and outlook for the next month?

Say what!!! Alabama has its own share of millionaires??? That is great news!!!


As we approach a new month, RedyMoney reminds you that we are remain your loan service provider to get you through any unplanned financial emergency that you may encounter. We continue to encourage that you use every day to grow and every pay check to make smart buying choices.

See you in April family!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!!

As we will soon be saying goodbye to March….

RedyMoney encourages all to continue to volunteer, donate and support Red Cross initiatives across the country, if they can. Red Cross, too, is aware of the threat in early Spring, of flooding and possibly severe weather. They ensured we are covered with some tips, fully endorsed by RedyMoney. Throughout the month, the Organization has been encouraging us all to unearth the inner heroes within all of us. And surely, for an organization whose workforce is 90% volunteers, this is beyond possible, to give willingly to a worthy cause.  As we say goodbye to the month, let us not say goodbye to the cause.

A healthy state means many things for economy. Anything affecting any citizen carries an impact, as the person with so much to give, loses the motivation to do so. Can you then imagine losing a baby? To an unexplained cause? The grief alone can make mothers, fathers and siblings lose their drive. And whilst we teach resilience and recovering from loss; if we can solve the problem; let us solve. We would really like to know if the Baby Box works!!! Even better news; some mothers may even get the boxes free!!!!

RedyMoney wonders how Alabama is taking this news. To know that if this legislation is passed, their online behavior can be sold without their permission, as their Internet Services providers sees fit? How is it ever ethical to commercialize online privacy? Who makes these rules?

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
In our #LifeInAlabama feature today:

We look at Needham, over there near Choctaw County’s center. With a 2015 estimated population of 91, a fall from estimated population of 94 in 2010. 

That is it for this Wednesday family!!! We will see you on Friday and we will say goodbye to March together. Godspeed!!!



Happy Monday!!!

We hope that you come from a restful but productive weekend. With all the talk about stormy weather in some parts of the state, it is so much more important for you to prepare. We hope you attended the ULE expo. If not, there are basic and effective ways to protect your family. For those sections of the state under threat; you are in our prayers. How do we balance, hoping that everyone stays says when nature takes its course??? We prepare and pray for the best!!!


As a proud business operating in Alabama, today we though to bring you inspirational quotes authored by some of the State’s very own, Fannie Flagg: “Being a successful person is not necessarily defined by what you have achieved, but moreso, but by what you have overcome.”

We are keeping it short this Monday, as our prayers remain with everyone of those in zones of storm threat. Peace and safety be with you RedyMoney family!!!

Happy Spring Friday!!!

Despite the threat of sever weather in some sections of the state, RedyMoney welcomes you to another Friday. Just think, next week this time, we are saying good-bye to March, for good, for this year. #TimeFlies


It certainly warms the heart when Alabama is featured and recognized outside of our region. Congrats to the Fishers at Orange Beach Marina and Highlands Bar and Grill for being highlighted. Continue to represent the South!!! This is a nice way to conclude spring break.

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:

Anybody plans to attend the Urban Living Expo this Saturday? To explore and be informed on the importance of being prepared for a natural disaster.Each family needs to have a plan of action and practice. How else would you be able to move swiftly if a disaster comes with little warning and little time to evacuate??? Go out and come back prepared to protect your families in the face of a disaster.

Hiking plans anyone?

‘For Pete’s Sake’ is a 8 mile long trail in the Chewacla State Park, for cycling and hiking alike. What better time to bond with nature, than spring? Bond with nature this weekend.

Have a blessed weekend Redy family!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!!

It is a day and has been a week filled with all the good and not-so-good sporting news.We hope that all sport fanatics (basically all of Alabama), have been holding the fort, in the name of good sportsmanship!!! RedyMoney welcomes you to a mid-week, and we hope that you have made much desired progress so far.

If any of our women are interested in attending this workshop, come with your ideas and solutions!!! You may  also want to contact the Innovation depot, and confirm the dates of the Athena Collective workshop, either today and tomorrow or tomorrow and Friday. Either way, pop in if you can and enjoy!!!

Alabama has its fair share of support and incentive for entrepreneurs. Thanks to the Alabama Launchpad, entrepreneurs the opportunity to take their innovative ideas to another level. Congrats to all the winners. All who entered, won. They won the war of just sitting on an idea, without getting serious about it!!!! Go Bama!!!

And today's tiny town feature comes to you from the town of:
And for today’s #LifeInAlabama feature:

In today’s tiniest town feature, we look at Blue Springs, in Barbour County. With an estimated population of 92 in 2015, this is a small decline from the estimated population of 96, in 2010 and 121 in 2000.Home to the Blue Springs State Park, featuring a spring pool and enough campground to go around. Just in time foe spring. Picnic anyone???

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!!