Happy Tuesday!!!

Were you missing RedyMoney? We know you were looking to hear from us yesterday. We are still here and we have still been serving our customers. To all our virtual family, it appears each day comes with its ow set of troubles or worries, which is why our focus should be on overcoming each day.

We share with you what Leo F. Buscaglia would have, “Worrying never robs tomorrow of its sorrows, it only saps today of its joy.” It is inevitable that when you think about tomorrow and the future on a whole, you become a little anxious. It is one thing to plan for your future, and another thing entirely to become anxious over what may or may not happen, or anything that is outside of our control. Let us try seeing today, for what it is really is, not a day to spent worrying about tomorrow, but to realize that we have been blessed to see this day and we must live.
In Tax news, RedyMoney would just like to remind you of when you can mark your calendars, of when is the final day for filing your submitting your tax returns. http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/02/when_are_taxes_due_in_2017_its.html
RedyMoney hopes you have a fantastic week, until we meet again!!!



Take Good Care…

Welcome to another week RedyMoney family. Let us do good and position ourselves to receive good karma this week. 

In continued observance of Black History Month, our inspirational quote for this week comes from Malcolm X: “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every loss, every heartbreaks, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.”
RedyMoney therefore offers you some motivation to get your finances in order, and what better time to do a complete overhaul of your finances, that right after Tax season? Remember refunds may not be reflected in your accounts until the week of February 27. The IRS relies on your understanding and apologizes for the delay. RedyMoney believes in good RedyMoney karma, “if you don’t take good care of your credit, then your credit won’t take good care of you.” Tyler Gregory
Happy Frozen Yogurt Day!!! For those who have a sweet tooth and a penchant for colorful frozen diets, Frozen yogurts are for you. The healthier choice and still immensely filling and enjoyable, especially with fruits. Never tried one? You’re missing out!!!

Went super bowling last night at Brunswick Bowling alley??? We didn’t see you!!! RedyMoney lauds the initiative of the Montgomery Public Schools, who use this activity as a means for families to spend time together and to establish relationships with the school and for performing in school to become ‘hype’ again. We hope the children were rejuvenated.

Have a wonderful week RedyMoney family!!!

Happy Friday!!!

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up on Monday, RedyMoney is proud of those who will be volunteering at any of the many events lined up in various towns/cities, to celebrate the life and contribution of truly an influential man, with a lifelong legacy. It does feel good to volunteer, and not just on special occasions, but as often as you can.

In between plans for Monday and the usual weekend (children will be home); a fun activity is to spare a few minutes and conduct your own history lesson with your children on Martin Luther King Jr. Get them informed, inspired, thinking and aspiring to become as great as they can be; using this man as an example. Willing to give it a shot???
We also leave you with some inspiration to take into your weekend, from the man himself. Have an inspired weekend RedyFamily!!!!

Happy RedyMonday!!!

Welcome to another week RedyMoney family!!! We hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. Whether you work form home or from an office, RedyMoney has you covered. It is the day and age of technology , and RedyMoney thanks you our valued Social Media family for remaining with us throughout the year. Our commitment to providing you with not only “money when you need it most”, but also with tips and pointers to always be performing at your highest possible level.
Productivity Increase
Our Productivity tip today is simple and applies to every type of work: “Make the most of your routines.” A way to maximize on your time is through established routines. However, RedyMoney is focusing on productivity throughout the holiday and how that can be achieved. With merriment all around you, it may take a little more effort to stick to your productivity routine. Routines are your point of reference in the face of the countless distractions that abound our lives.

Of course sticking to your routine, can include health routines and exercise regimes. And for those of us who are stay-at-home, your routine or schedule that helps you to remain sane in what seems like endless chores etc.

And before spending another dollar towards holiday and shopping, we say invoke your inner Santa. “Create your own naughty/nice list, which will definitely limit how much you spend, whilst still doing something for the naughty.

We are keeping our posts short and to the point as RedyMoney would like to be apart of your Social connections without consuming a lot of your time.

Have a blessed week RedyMoney family!!!


Have a RedyFriday !!!

Friday is without doubt or argument, one of the most popular and anticipated days of the week. We hope today has caught you in high and hopeful spirits. It is the season of heightened anticipation and activities, throughout all of Alabama. RedyMoney hopes that as we go about conducting out various businesses, we do so with prudence and caution.

RedyMoney hopes you have every intention to enjoy your holidays immensely, we just wish to caution you to do so in the most affordable ways. Our spending tip for today is: “Budget based on your finances.” This means that your weekly/ monthly budget should be satisfied and disposable income can compliment your intended shopping The essence is to ensure that you incur as little debt as possible and that whilst you spend extravagantly, your household needs are taken care of.
With shopping comes heightened excitement, which may be a distraction from being being vigilant once shopping. It is good to know exactly what you will be buying before you venture, you will look less idle, the target that usually fall prey to thieves. RedyMoney’s Holiday Shopping Safety tip is: “Do not buy more than you can carry.”

As you keep these tips in mind for the upcoming holiday, RedyMoney hopes you have a fantastic weekend.



Merry Friday!!!

Welcome to December and RedyMoney hopes every day of the month will be a Merry one!!!

RedyMoney wishes you a restful weekend and over the few weeks remaining in 2016, we will be at your side, helping you through your financial struggles and providing support.

Productivity can be achieved during the Christmas Season. If you are at the Management level, you can reward those of your staff who manage to stay focused on their own, despite the distractions. For those of your subordinates who try to infuse holiday spirit, we say, a little leeway does not hurt, at least you know who needs more support/ guidance in staying focused. Downright and harsh bashing, will not improve their mood or cognitive state. And if you are either the focused or just distracted employee, ask for help where you seem to not be focusing or connecting with the tasks to be completed.

rm-logoRedyMoney would like to remind that we have been with you since our inception and as the year comes to a close, we will remain open in 2017. Helping you get through harsh financial struggles, that cannot be done only by you. We are your provider for Money when you need it most. Let us help you get through your neediest times. RedyMoney, proud to be serving Alabama from the East to the West.

RedyMoney sends you off into the weekend with this motivational quote, to inspire your coming week: “Happiness is not the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

End your work week with a productive bang and see you on the other side of the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend RedyMoney Family!!!

Happy Cyber Monday!!!

Hello RedyMoney family!!! Welcome to another fantastic week and the last Monday in November. In two shakes’ time, it is December. Cyber Monday is retailers’ last opportunity to you to benefit from discounts and bundle deals, all done via eCommerce. Though most deals, are on electronics, there are online food giants and department stores that extend their sales. 

Of course, if you must purchase, especially for the upcoming holiday plans, you too can benefit from deals. Please ensure the site is a trusted one, as you will be giving out personal and financial credentials.

Some of us may still be feeling festive after the extended weekend, and may take a few moments longer to get back into the work stride. Of course, for those of us who have taken RedyMoney’s advice, they would have wrapped up their work week and planned ahead for this work. If you do this, and yet your internal clock needs a reset, “wake up and get up earlier.”

Getting up early, even for the first week after a long break, gives you time to recondition your body to the clock for work days.

And yes, Christmas is yet around the corner,and the weeks till then are moving fast. You still need to be productive. An opportunity for the festivities that are kicking into faster gear for the upcoming holidays, is to plan an office social, in an informal fashion and  use this opportunity to give feedback and strategies going forward, in a more relaxed setting.

RedyMoney office has resumed operations today and we have also gone back to regular business operating hours. We do various financial transactions, including check cashing and payday loans, at affordable rates.
Despite longstanding controversy surrounding this bean, one thing is for sure for coffee lovers, the aroma is like installing java. Bringing your senses to clarity and bringing into focus your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

Today is the last day of the work week for you all, RedyMoney family. Final opportunity to complete all tasks set out and to make your desk clutter free, while it will be vacant over the next two days into the weekend. Remember to end today on a productive note and dive headlong into your break to be spent with families and loved ones. 

We cannot stress it enough. Take the opportunity to use these morning hours, usually your most productive to tackle these tasks.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow Alabama. Remember to seize every opportunity to catch up with your relatives and what is new in their lives. Show genuine interest as you plug out from the world, even for a few hours and be in tuned with your family.

We leave you with a simple yet profound quote to go into the festivities: ” There is always something to be thankful for.”

As Black Friday is day after tomorrow, RedyMoney would like to remind you to spend wisely, with the many deals that will be running on that day. Once you are shopping on Black Friday, make a list of items to buy, set a budget (despite getting amazing discounts) and most importantly, ensure that what you need or desire, you can in fact afford. RedyMoney is open this Friday!!!!
For all our customers, we are open until 5:00 pm today,  to take care of your monetary transactions and loan needs. Our friendly and courteous staff wait to serve you, and we take only the required breaks from doing so.
Have a happy and fun loving Thanksgiving RedyMoney family. We will keep you all in our thoughts. A little humor to lighten your day.


Money when you need it most….

Let RedyMoney provide you with financial solutions at a time when you need them most. If it is close to payday, then you can survive with one of our payday loans. Or if it just cashing in your pay check. Since our inception, we have tailored our services to serve all of Alabama, from the East to the West, it remains our commitment to doing so.

RedyMoney has not forgotten that our services should always meet your needs with a simple process, giving you money when you need it most.

Welcome to another week, Thanksgiving week, and the prefect  time for RedyMoney to be back on the blogs. Thanksgiving is a favourite time of year when we meet families and friends; all that socializing and trying to remember everyone’s names and their relations; tends to give us an appetite. We then tend to over indulge in the eating and spending that precedes the envious spreads each year.  RedyMoney hopes you have been gathering your menus, pooling your resources to save on spending, as we always suggest for large get-togethers. We also encourage that you make the firm financial decisions, during this time, without compromising on the importance and the blessing of family on this holiday, arguably the most family-oriented one.

We say bring out the succulent and savory foods for all to enjoy, and that we count all our blessings this Thanksgiving, naming them one by one.

We send you off into the week, not to obsessively think of all the food you will eat come Thursday, but the day as wonder. For seeing all your friends and family that you may only see at this time of year. 

As it is a short week for you, RedyMoney encourages you to get as much done in your work week as is possible. You are getting two days off, days that you will feel less guilty spending around family, if there are less pending tasks on your desk Wednesday evening. Our productivity tip for this week is: “Ruthlessly block out all distractions.” This becomes increasingly important, as it is easy to blur the lines between celebrations even at the office and actually settling down to work, after the excitement has been abated. Blocking out all distractions mean you know that you have three days to get done most of what is usually done in five. You can still make it work and make your short week an incredibly productive one.

Know what distracts your most important tasks for the day. File these distractions to be sorted when you have completed the biggest tasks.

You will smile broader, laugh louder and be filled with a sense of greater hope and blessing, with an achieved mindset, going into the holidays. Have a productive week RedyMoney family!!!!



Happy Monday!!!

It is the first Monday of Fall and the last Monday of September. Talk about ‘no day is much like the next” ( or any other). RedyMoney welcomes you to another week, that we hope is productive and a source of motivation.

Question: How did you spend your weekend?  Did you spend the time working, lazing about in the Fall weather, take the kids for a picnic or out collecting Fall leaves?  Only if you found the weather agreeable. However your weekend was spent, RedyMoney hopes it had special moments of laughter, joy and a sense of contentment.

To keep your family and neighbors healthy, it is important to keep on the lookout for any recalled product. Search your cupboards to see if you had purchased any of these canned mixed vegetables. If you purchased any of the culprit cans, make haste in getting them out your cupboards and into the trash. It may seem like your hard-earner money wasted, but that will not compare to what you may have to spend should this be consumed. 

And if you or your neighbors can benefit from the seasonal hiring that will be undertaken by Macy.  Come out in your groves on September 30, and spread the word while you are at it. 

Embrace Mondays as opportunities. Opportunities to start over, improve on what you have already built and strengthen what you have invested in.

As your Monday comes to a close: remember to end your work day on a high and productive note. Save one task that you usually enjoy doing to be the last one (unless its urgent), so you finish your day with a sense of satisfaction and motivation for the next day.

Monday trivia: what is the oldest county in Alabama?