On the Brink of 2016……..

Each new year not only comes with new resolutions, but year itself brings new possibilities and opportunities.

RedyMoney is counting down the hours until then with you (in our hearts) and whilst, we are firm believers in logical and sound plans for your future; we encourage you to live the new year and each other year. Let both resolutions and unseen opportunities complement your life throughout the year; thereby, making it more wholesome.

For example, if you have resolved to working towards a promotion in the New Year, it is fully expected that you will take the correct steps in ensuring you get this promotion; this should not mean, however, that  there is “no fun” or “no down-time”. Remember, these are important and not only to you want the promotion, you want to ensure you remain in a position where you keep it. You cannot really enjoy something you have worked hard for, if you are always anxious and on edge. Relaxing and having a little fun (activities that are fun for you) releases that tension and enables you to savor the fruit of your hard labor.

In all your resolutions, outside of the one-time goals (house, car, promotion, vacation), remember to remain humble, faithful, dependable, kind hearted, giving and patient. Our goals may be unique but these goals if executed fulsomely can strengthen our roots of connectedness; on social and societal levels. These are what the world needs.

You can be and become exactly what the world needs; the more you realize that your existence is not just for your benefit, but has a ripple effect and you are connected to the rest of the world in different and unique ways. You are not alone.

Make a resolve to rejoice in that fact and solidify that fact.

RedyMoney wishes you boundless and limitless fulfillment, joy and prosperity for 2016.