How did you spend World Autism Awareness Day?

If you know nothing about Autism, this contained link has comprehensible information that would assist you in understanding the developmental condition that was recently in the spotlight. RedyMoney is of the firm belief: that will knowledge and love of/on any matter, there is no space for discrimination/marginalization.

love someone with autism
When knowledge meets love there is no room left for discrimination. #who do you love that has Autism??? Even if you do not know them, based on you knowing that there are people out there with Autism, once you can send them some love, you will never be accused of discrimination.

Saturday was World Autism Awareness Day 2016 and the world (maybe in your own back yards) people went blue. Yes, they wore blue on this day on what was the eighth staging of the world day geared at fundraising and bringing continuous awareness to the developmental condition that is Autism.

light it up blue
Did you light it up in blue last Saturday??? #Tell us about it.

Note: we are officially running out of blue font colors!!!

We are absolutely not found wanting when it comes to Autism unawareness and fundraising involvement; as all of Alabama (with special highlight of the Autism Society of Alabama) would by now know of the annual 5K Walk for Autism. The center also provides complimentary services for the autistic and their families. So Alabama is not left in the dust when it comes on to doing their part.

The World Awareness day was decorated with a specific theme for 2016 by the UN: “Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity.” RedyMoney will have you know that neurodiversity theory promotes/ seeks to promote that normal variations in the human genome can result in various neurological conditions. In other words, a call to embrace a theory which will result in more inclusion of the now marginalized groups/individuals based on their learning ability, brain functions etc.

Looks like an amount to take in, however, various activities etc will be hosted all through to April 8, 2016, all surrounding the topic. Get there if you can, be informed, get involved.

autism inclusion
Every person has the same basic needs (food, clothes, shelter) and complementary substantive needs. An autistic is no different, it is one of being special and there should be discrimination in uniqueness. Do your part today.