How did you spend your World Health Day???

April 7 is observed yearly as World Health Day. Instituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and geared at focusing on various health issues each time, it also commemorates the first Assembly on World Health. Once a country is a member state of the World Health Organization, the same day is added to their calendar.

RedyMoney has discovered that we in the USA fall in Region 3, herald by the Pan American Health Organization.

World Health Day 2016 focused on a call for improved health care and facilities for persons living with diabetes (#Beat Diabetes); also looking at methods of all possible prevention of the disease diagnosis and effective treatment to be available for all who currently have this battle to fight. Diabetes is a shocking reality, especially for those that have been living with the disease or having been primary caregivers to such individuals. People with diabetes have had to make immediate lifestyle changes and restructure their entire lives, following their diagnosis, to be able to make plans to receive the relative care now needed to stem further complications and effects, whilst seeking ways to alleviate the various stresses, that comes from living day-to-day with diabetes.

who  world health day 2016
#Everyday things that we do can contribute to a higher/lower risk of Diabetes.How much do you know about Diabetes? Do you want to beat diabetes or be beaten? Be a Super-hero!!!!

WHO also used the opportunity to highlight the staggering results for 2016, in their inaugural Global report on Diabetes, of the diagnosis rate of Diabetes  which now has a figure four times what it used to be in the 1980’s. To the average American, this may mean little, however, it all boils down to personal knowledge, and in this case of Diabetes, personal nutrition. Human tendencies is to fear the unknown, even the fear of discovery that you may have diabetes and so you refrain from getting tested. How about arming yourself with as much knowledge as you possibly can before evaluating how much fear you have and its origin.

Become informed about Diabetes and how it can affect you. Resources are available, state-wide/ country-wide, to enable you to make important decisions about the lives of you and your families.

beat diabetes 2016
Let us take action. Become informed, aware and more health cautious; it can only add value.

This is something that you can focus on throughout April and of course, RedyMoney reinforces, the more knowledge you have the more responsible you will be held/should become. Enclosed in this link are basic information on what the health day focus was on and of course information on Diabetes itself.

Knowledge gives way to power. You have within you the tools to become powerful. Become informed today.