On the 4th day of February…………..

A glimpse in the past on this day, that as we see it today is history.

And in our #RedyMoney Woman Crush Wednesday feature, we look at newly appointed Court Administrator, LaShandra Warren.

Coincidentally, Ms. Warren is the first female and African American of the Montgomery County Courthouse and the 4th Court Administrator overall. Our #WCW also, is an example of some of the people celebrated in February, as this is the month that National African American History is observed and explored.

One day too, Ms. LaShandra Warren, RedyMoney’s #WCW for February 4, 2016, will go down in history. There is no history, like the one of people living each day as thought their entire world deserves to go down in history.

Ms. Warren has been in the court for most of her career and shared that she always wanted to work in the courts. Coupled with her various certifications and degrees, her years of working in the judicial system and her performance history further endorsed her as the woman for the job.

Whatever your day looks like, Ms. Court Administrator, RedyMoney is crushing on you.

Continue to do what you enjoy, excel at and see results from. Continue to be an inspiration.

La Shandra Warren
RedyMoney #WCW !!!!!