It is another Friday in the country, last week we said goodbye to April (for good, for 2016 at least). Since then,we would have switched (around Saturday night) to a welcoming mode, saying hello to May. A new month, with new opportunities on the horizon, new potential for growth, as you decide to take on each day’s challenges, resolute to give your best efforts, dedication and attitude. RedyMoney says go forth and conquer May, as we know you have all preceding months under your belt.

Today is National Nurses Day,the day observed in the US to honor the country’s nurses and to recognize their great contribution and service to our country. RedyMoney says shout out to all you nurses, especially those in our neck of the woods. In our hospitals, our care centers, clinics, schools, everywhere you are, RedyMoney says you should stand proud, you are a caregiver, providing a service that could never be more appropriately priced than when the health and longevity of your patients are improved/increased. We know of your small and large sacrifices to answer to a calling of caring, without bounds, limits or prejudices. 

happy nurses day
“I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence, all matters committed to my keeping.” – Florence Nightingale

Special Shout out to those who will be able to attend the Cullman Strawberry Festival this weekend. Go for the strawberries, stay for the show and entertainment.

Cullman festival
Strawberries anyone????

And because it is Friday, RedyMoney wishes you fantastic close of the day and your week, and hope you sail off into the weekend, unencumbered. We will see you on the other side of next week, fresh, rejuvenated and totally up to the week’s tasks.

keep some room



Hey Friday – where have you  been for the longest while??? (#smirks)

To all and sundry of our RedyMoney extended family, we give you a thumbs up for doing your best this past week. We always encourage that you plan your week ahead from today to give you a great start come Monday. Of important note: we reiterate you enjoy your weekend more fulsomely when you had erased all distractions that come in the form of planning for the week ahead.

have a lovely weekend my friend
They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. From each of us at RedyMoney: Have a spectacular weekend!!!
so we sleep in tomorrow right
Yep!!! You got that right: provided that we do not have to work…

Happy Friday!!!!

It’s another of those great days, when we get to reflect on our week, analyze how we have spent it and make plans to improve for the coming week.

Today is the day you can tie up all the remaining projects and outstanding work for the week.

Did you forget to return a phone call, respond to an e-mail or do a follow up? Take the opportunity to do so today and you will feel even better about you weekend, having done your best during your week. You deserve your weekend. When you complete all your week’s objective before going into the weekend, (except those whose circumstances are outside your control, but you try to have back-up plans) you give yourself freedom to enjoy and explore on your weekend.

Friday can be a productive day and if treated accordingly, you see yourself putting out as much as during the week and feeling just as productive. There is EVERYTHING good about feeling productive. It is about knowing you have the focus to do what you have set out to; and it never gets old or go out of fashion.

Have a productive day and a Fantastic weekend!!!

Productive weekend
RedyMoney wishes for a Fantastic weekend!!! #mary-frances winters. #work-word-of-the-day #let’s-talk-about-work-tv

It seemed like just yesterday….

Dear Friends, it seemed like just yesterday, we were looking forward to welcoming February and just as soon, we will be welcoming March. But the month is not over until it is over.

its almost march

On this 26th day, we hope that we have able to assist all our customers, reach as many as we can, and individually we have tried to improve someone’s life and/or state of being. Whether in a great or small way, it matters. RedyMoney encourages you to continue.

be kind as often as possible

And simply because it is Friday……..

Happy Friday cute doggie