Happy Heart Month!!!!!

Happy Monday to you RedyMoney family!!!

We hope you had a fulfilling weekend and you are feeling, rested, re energized and rejuvenated; ready to take on a new week.

February is American Heart Month. RedyMoney has every intent to keep you informed about your heart, how to treat it right and how to improve Heart health.

Wherever you are in America, whichever of the 62 states, we hope this information reaches you and you can do something about keeping your heart healthy.

Did you know: That your heart, that small yet vital organ, beats approximately 100,000 times per day!!!!

Can you imagine that!!! 100,000 times. That’s the amount of work your heart puts out daily. Your heart must be fit from doing that amount of pumping each day.

And if it stops just 1 of those times???? (#you’re in trouble…….)

Let us keep our hearts healthy, fit and always ready, the way we do our bodies and our minds.

A healthy heart means we will never part.
A healthy heart means we will never part.