Today in African American History….

Ever heard of “Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society?”

Before today, many years ago, no one else would have either. That is, until activists organized campaigns against slavery. Another interesting piece of American history brought to the fore: 184 years ago (to this day), that we can be proud of.

Women campaigned against ill-treatment and other issues surrounding slavery. Interestingly, over time, it housed members of the ‘white’ ethnicity. This shows that there should be no boundaries on being human.

Through it all, we reiterate love. Love makes us fair and just in everything we do and say. Love commands how we treat each other and regard each other. The same goes for lack of love. Only through the lack of love that we discriminate, alienate and ostracize. 

African American history is celebrated to denote key contributions said people have made to a great nation. Let our love for a peaceful, progressive, fair and prosperous nation transcend the boundaries that we have instilled through tradition or false doctrines.

Maya Angelou talks about love 1
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