Teen Dating Violence: it’s everybody’s business

When you hear “teen dating violence”, you may think:”what do teens have to be violent about?”

Teen dating violence has in fact been a concern, so great is its spread now, that there has been an entire month dedicated to raising awareness about the dynamics of such young relationships. As outlined by various sources, this violence can be transferred in different ways. RedyMoney applauds the efforts to raise this awareness that publicizes the need for resources to tackle this problem. Just like any other problem this nation faces. We say to add to those resources, make available rehabilitative measures for the perpetrators themselves. They were not predisposed to be violent, even though, some experts may say expectant mothers can in fact send hormonal messages to their unborn child, and if this works for love and affection, it is only fair to presume so is the case, even if these messages are that of distress, negativity etc.

It is alarming to fathom that domestic trends in adult can be stemmed from childhood/ teenage years behavioral patterns.

RedyMoney encourages you to become more informed on the topic and in that same breath, continue to do what you can in your homes with your own teenagers to contribute to a paradigm shift in the teen dating violence trend. Its mere existence, is cause for concern.

Let’s not say the statistics are not so damning, so there need not be any cause for greater concern. Our prerogative is to be proactive parents and neighbors. To do so, it is ill- advised  to have a closed mind to the concept of your own teenager dating.

And whilst you are at it, lend neighborly support, if only through empathy, to the parents and families that have been affected by teen dating violence. Both sides of the family, that is. Both sides need preventative and rehabilitative measures, however, for different reasons.

Remember: we are all family, a large one (we may not know everyone), but still a family.

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Teen Dating Violence is real and is happening in many homes; effecting many families.
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