RedyMoney welcomes FEBRUARY

Who else has been holding their breaths waiting for this blessed month to begin???

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasions, if it happened in February, it is your time to shine. Relive those memories and revel in all that has happened since.

RedyMoney gives thanks that we have all lived to see the start of a new month. Truly the Almighty has continued to smile upon us despite all appearances.


Let us meditate:  Breathe in slowly and smell the newness despite all the seemingly same old. Exhale…It is a new month. New things can happen. New revelations may happen. New opportunities may present themselves disguised as New Challenges. But remember it is new, and this is your first go at it.

We encourage you to give this new month our ALL, heh? Let’s see what newness we as individuals can also bring to this new month.

#relaxing sigh….


Hello February