Wednesday morning motivation….

How are our RedyMoney happy campers??? #coffee anyone?

We want to salute you for keeping your head held high to this day and we are just a little #motivational-pit-stop going along your day’s journey. Here is what we believe can give you to provide you with a boost,┬áto complete your day with a deep sigh of relief and satisfaction when you have finished:

RedyMoney wednesday motivation April 2016
You got that right!!! Mediocrity is not acceptable. You have boundless greatness in you, enough to fill the entire globe!!!

With that said, your greatness should be shared. Don’t go being selfish with your greatness now; there is someone, somewhere that can do well with a dose of your power.

Make it happen for that person. You are not mediocre, you are great. And when you are truly great, you want people around you to feel the greatness. Let your greatness call out to the greatness in somebody today. Sometimes you may wonder how it is that you seem to cleave to someone for the less than obvious reason; it is simple, your greatness calling out to theirs or sometimes, even the reverse.

Make it happen today!!!

Bob marley on greatness
#Inspiration for today: #Affect those around you positively.