Rio Olympics and America’s first gold medal 

If you didn’t get a chance to see day one of the Rio Olympics or the opening ceremony we recommend you do, America has already won their first gold medal curtesy of Ginny Thrasher.

The opening ceremony was beautiful as expected and full of Brazillian culture, for example the replica plane that flew briefly around the arena. The plane is a replica of one of the earliest flying machines built by Brazlian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont called the ’14-bis’. Dumont flew this plane round the Eiffel Tower on October 23 1906. There was controversy over who was really first when it came to aviation, the Wright Brothers or Dumont which was reignited after the ceremony.


Ginny Thrasher was the first gold medalist at the Rio Olympics by winning the ten meter air rifle event. In honour of the American nineteen year old’s achievements here are a few facts about Virginia (Ginny) Thrasher:
🔹Her father is in the military which means she has moved nine times before she was in ninth grade.
🔹Ginny’s interests sparked five years ago when her grandfather took her hunting and she shot the deer finding the adrenaline rush to be incredible.

🔹Shooting is a family thing, her grandfather has taken her shooting, her father was in the Air Force and both her brothers have good shots, her whole family is supportive of her shooting career.

🔹She’s the youngest member of team USA’s shooting team.

🔹Ginny won five medals at the USA Shooting National Championships for Rifle and Pistol 2015, one being a gold medal.

🔹Hunting was not Ginny’s first choice, she wanted to be an ice skater.

🔹Other interests of Ginny’s include reading, traveling and hunting .

🔹She is majoring Engineering at West Virginia University.

We at RedyMoney hope you have had a blessed week and will enjoy watching the Olympics.


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